Erdek is a natural holiday resort where history and nature are offered as a whole.

Erdek which is in the borders of Balıkesir province, many civilizations that want to live these beauties have come and gone from these lands.

Today Erdek is one of the first places where tourism comes to mind and is a very important and developing region in terms of hotel, motel and pension management.

Why Erdek?

Because there is no other place you can live with except for Erdek, Erdek with its clean air and water, sea and beaches.

What is done in Erdek?

There are many activities that can be done in Erdek and Erdek, where all kinds of nature and water sports can be done, is a attraction center attracting people with its clean air and interesting natural structures.

Life in Erdek

Because Erdek is a tourism paradise, more tourism related activities can be shown and the socio-economic structure of the region is mainly in tourism and agriculture and animal husbandry.

Access to Erdek

There are many ways to reach Erdek, either by sea or by road.

You can look at the transportation section for information about Erdek map and transportation to Erdek.